How to register: All Registrations must be submitted online.

  • Online Registration for 2017/18 season is available. Click Here
  • Registration is ongoing until the end of October 2017 for some classes. 
  • All new students, parents must sign the waiver form to begin classes.
  • Any questions about online registration please email.

Please Note:

Classes are subject to enrollment and skill level of students. Teachers will assess each student's ability. If necessary, the student may be moved to a class that is better suited for his or her skill level. Classes will run if enough students are enrolled.

Fee Schedule for 2017 - 2018

All fees include GST

Preschool Classes

Pre-school classes are on a 1-month trial basis therefore September fee is only due at registration. If your child continues fees will be due by the first week of October 2017.

Ballet, Modern, Jazz/Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop, Acrodance, Musical Theatre, (Does not include Adult Social Ballroom or Dance Team Fees)

Fees can be paid Monthly, Yearly or by Term.  (Discount rate for Term or Yearly only.)

Dance Team:  Annual Fee is $300 for  Intermediate, Pre-Senior and Senior Dance Team, $250 for Junior Dance Team, includes Stretch and Strength(Int/Pre-Sr./Sr.), Turns and Progressions Dance Team Choreography and Large Group Choreography.  Does not include Competition Fees, Costume Fees or other regular dance classes. 

Solos/Duos/Trios:  Students/Parents will have to arrange with Instructors. Fees are paid directly to Instructors.


  • Post-dated cheques for 1st of each month of dance year Sept '17 thru May '18
  • Cash or cheque or E-transfer for 1st term (Sept-Dec) and postdated cheque for 2nd term (Jan-May-can be post-dated for January 15th)
  • Credit Card Payments, Monthly or by Term, Please come into the office to set up credit card payments - Subject to a 3% Convenience Fee.

Please note: For book keeping purposes, monthly payments or term payments are preferred. Late charges of 5% will be added to every month payment is due and NSF cheques are subject to a $20 Fee. (Cheque or money orders through mail only, please do not mail cash).


Costume Fee:

Costume fee post-dated for Oct. 15 2017 is due at time of registration and is non-refundable unless student withdraws before October. Costumes have to be ordered by the beginning of November to arrive in plenty of time for any adjustments or exchanges.


Costume cost for all Kinder and Primary Classes is $75 per class, $85 for all other classes. Costume fee is dependant on the US dollar exchange.

Dress Requirements

Dress Requirements:

The Importance of a Dress Code for Dance:  Wearing the proper attire enhances freedom of movement.  You are a “Dancer” before you even enter the room! Unsuitable clothing makes it difficult for the teacher to properly observe posture and alignment.  This observance is necessary to ensure correct execution of exercises, which prevents injuries.

Kinder/Primary Ballet– Pink body suit, pink tights or white socks, pink ballet slippers, chiffon skirt optional. Boys: white shirt, black pants, black ballet shoes.

BalletSolid coloured body suit, “ballet” pink tights, ballet skirts encouraged, booty shorts are O.K., ballet slippers. Boys: white shirt, black pants, black ballet shoes.

Jazz/Musical Theatre – Black jazz pants, capri’s or shorts, black top, black jazz shoes.  No Logos please!!

Tap NO JEANS, Black jazz pants, skirt or shorts, and black top.  Black flat tap shoes.

Hip Hop NO JEANS, Hip hop style clothes (no inappropriate logos), easy to move in, CLEAN RUNNERS!.

Modern/Creative Dance –Black jazz pants, shorts or capri’s, black top, bare feet or cotton socks. 

Acrodance - Body suit and leggings or shorts, tight top over bodysuit is ok, Bare feet, must ensure hair is out of the way, may need to put up in a bun.

Students are to wear appropriate clothing to all classes, hair must be up and pulled off face.  Ballet students 7+ are required to have a ballet bun.  Limit jewelry to small earrings or studs, no watches, bracelets, necklaces. 

Parents please help us by ensuring your child is dressed in appropriate attire, and hair is up properly.  Thank you!!


Dance Studio Etiquette

  • All students are expected to treat each other as well as the instructor with equality and respect. There is zero tolerance on physical violence, bullying, verbal threats, and discrimination. Students that violate this policy will be expelled from the school.
  • Proper dress for classes, ensure your hair is neat and pulled back off your face. No oversized shirts or shirts with inappropriate logos. Please refrain from wearing dangly jewellery, watches, necklaces etc., leave it at home please. Correct footwear for classes. No outside shoes on dance floors!!
  • No chewing gum, candy or food in class. Water is allowed only, and to be kept off the dance floors. Texting and cell phone use during class will not be tolerated and is subject to suspension from class.
  • No running around in the studio at any time. Wait quietly for your class so you do not disturb any classes in progress.
  • Fingers off the mirrors.
  • When your teacher is speaking you are quiet. Positive attitude is the responsibility of the student as well as the instructor. Bad days happen to everyone, but one's bad attitude can affect a whole class. "Negative attitudes are to be left outside the front door."
  • Please inform your intructor if you have an injury before class starts, or if you have hurt yourself during class. There are ice packs in the fridge if needed.
  • It is custom in dance to bow and thank the teacher at the end of class.
  • If there are any issues with other students or teachers, parents are to speak with Miss Amanda out of class time. Class time is for teaching not for discussing issues about your child.
  • Students and parents, it is your responsibility to read notices, newsletters posted on the bulletin board or on the website.
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