• Post-dated cheques for 1st of each month (Sept-May)

  • Cash, cheque, or E-transfer on the 1st of each month (Sept-May)

  • Cash, cheque, or e-transfer for term payments (discounted) due Sept 14, and January 15

  • Credit Card Payments, Monthly or by Term, Please come into the office to set up credit card payments - Subject to a 3% Convenience Fee.

Late charges of 5% will be added every month payment is due and NSF cheques are subject to a $20 Fee.

*If for any reason the student withdraws, charges will stop at the end of the month.*

Please note fees are calculated throughout the whole year and split into even monthly payments, therefore fees will be the same each month regardless of holidays.


30-minute class – $50/month

45-minute class – $55/month

60-minute class – $60/month

75-minute class – $75/month 

90-minute class – $90/month

1st class full price 

2nd class 5% discount

3rd class 10% discount

4th class 15% discount 

5th class 20% discount

6th class 25% discount 

7th class 30% discount 

8th class 35% discount 

Additional 5% discount for Monday classes (due to holidays)

Individual Student Max $300 (no charge for additional classes past this)

2 Student Household Max $350 (no charge for additional classes past this)


Junior Dance Team $175/month (unlimited classes)
Intermediate Dance Team $200/month (unlimited classes)
Senior Dance Team $250/month (unlimited classes)


Dance Camp - $250 per student for entire week, includes Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, and Stretch and Strength! Junior Intermediate and Senior levels. 

Acro Camp - $100 per student for the full week. Junior Intermediate and Senior levels. 


Costume fees are due Oct. 15 2020 and are non-refundable after this time. Costumes must be ordered early to allow for any adjustments or exchanges.

The cost for each costume is $85.

Kinder and Primary class costumes are $75 each.

Pointe class costumes are $100 each.

Costume fees are dependant on the US dollar exchange.

**Some groups may use costumes from previous years, or be given guidelines and direction to find suitable clothing on their own. 


Students/Parents will need to arrange privately with Instructors. Fees are discussed and paid directly to Instructors. Solos are limited to Dance Team or competitive members only. Any competitive dancer that is not on Dance Team may only do a solo in the discipline they are competing in. Extra small groups must be comprised of majority Dance Team members in order to compete.


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